Creating an Identity For Your Pet

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You have a style, a sense of Identity, a signature that you want others to remember. Doesn't your pet deserve the same? Of course he does. Creating that style for your pet is somewhat simple and does not have to be overwhelming. Below is an outline of several elements that will make an impression and create an identity for your pet.

1. Dog Collars and Leashes: Dog Collars are the most critical style element as they are the constant identifier. Collars come in many shapes and forms. Some are solid colors, some are multi-colored. Some are thin and some are thick. Some are fabric and some are leather. Some are for training purposes and some are for aesthetic. Picking the right dog collar is important and is an obvious signature that will always be with your pet.

2. Dog Clothes: There are various types of clothing for your dog. There is the t-shirt, the rain slicker, the sweater, the parka, the swimsuit...So many to look into...but the main ideas to consider are quality of construction, the price and the ease of use. For most dogs, wearing an article of clothing takes getting used to, but after a wear or two, you'll see a personality change in your dog (he'll either be completely proud of his new attire or extremely bothered) regardless of his like or dislike, this will form an impression and an identity that will not be forgotten.

3. Accessories and Jewels: Whether your pup be glitzy or glamor-less, your pup will be remembered for his attempt to glamorize.

4. Spritzers and cologne's: This is the scent your pup will leave behind. Do you want your pup to be known for his 'just taken a bath' scent or his 'I need a bath scent'. Whatever the choice, he will be remembered. There are many great spritzers on the market to 'freshen' your pup up.

Although there are many forms of creating an identity for your pet, the four listed above are the evident in identifying his sense of style. There is not a right or wrong in creating his identity. The idea is to have fun, stick within your budget and read your pups signs on whether he embraces the style or might prefer another.

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Creating an Identity For Your Pet

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This article was published on 2010/04/02