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You cannot consider any particular method of identity theft prevention as the success formula on a permanent basis, since nowadays thieves are becoming both talented and creative. However, some certain procedures can be used to reduce the extent of victimization. Below are some of the significant procedures, which may be convenient, or inconvenient depending on the situation.


The credit cards should be signed regularly so that the identity thieves may find it tough to forge the signature. But, this method may be useful while tracking the criminal in the future, not to avoid the unintended use of card, as on most occasions, the salesman do not bother to check the signature. The phrase 'SEE ID' can be added before the signature, for adding the extra security too.


The extra amount of money, blank checks, credit cards, passport, or any other form of ID, which is not going to be used on a particular day, should not be carried by the person.


It is always advised not to carry the Social Security Number unnecessarily. Moreover, this number should never be used as a password or mentioned on the checks.


The PIN number should be kept secret by remembering the same and utmost care should be taken that the PIN is not written down on a piece of paper. Sometimes, people invite trouble by writing the PIN on the back side of the card, and the minute they lose their card, all the money is gone.


Choosing a difficult password as well as the PIN numbers may be useful in identity theft prevention. The common passwords such as date of birth, phone number, sequential number and name of the person should be avoided to be on the safer side. The password with the eight characters or more is considered to be quite safe.


Remember, the personal identity documents, purse or wallet should be kept in a safe place so that they cannot be located by the criminals with great ease.


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Identity Theft Prevention Tips

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This article was published on 2010/03/30