The Importance of Having a Good Corporate Identity

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Money is well spent if you have a modern office and the best workforce. But, despite all these, if your business does not identify itself or if it does not have a signature of its own, the punch is missing. A well designed and good quality corporate identity speaks for itself and you should let it do most of the talking instead of your wasting time in explanations. Company branding like Adidas or Reebok do most of the talking and a salesperson selling shoes form Adidas or Reebok does not tell you how good they are, does he?

A corporate identity has a better recall value than an individual. If another business wants to give you repeat business after two years, they will pull out your visiting card and give you a call despite the person who got the business for you still works for you or not. This is the power of corporate identity and you should make it work for you.

A well designed identity consists of a variety of things starting from letter heads, and visiting cards to file folders and marketing brochures. All items are "sort of" branded with your logo and usually have a standard color scheme and font. In fact, these items are a calling card for your organization and anyone who has seen them once would associate with your organization immediately when they set their eyes on them again. This is what a unique corporate identity can do, create a visual impact for your organization and brand you in the eyes of the beholder.

Now the design and its parameters define what you want people to perceive your organization as, so paying heed to a good designer's advice is critical while designing the corporate identity for your organization. The most important part of any corporate identity is the logo and you need to pay special attention to it. Having a good logo designer to design your logo so that it says what you want to say to your customers is very important.

Once you understand the importance of a well designed branding and have the right identity in place, you are already halfway to success. The rest is your, people, products and services and your logistics working efficiently.

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The Importance of Having a Good Corporate Identity

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This article was published on 2010/05/23